The Anti Aging Skin Care

Posted by Wawan on Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Anti Aging Skin Care

The skin is the organ most visible and most important of the body. As we age, the skin begins to wrinkle and fine lines that show real signs of the health of skin reduced. For people who care about their health and appearance, it is a call to action. The skin is repaired continuously from the surface layers of the skin is constantly out of the skin and reveals new distribution from the bottom. This process is controlled mainly by a protein called collagen. 

Collagen is the major building material of the skin and is responsible for the health of the skin. In infants, the process is the rejuvenation of the skin at high speed, is the reason why children are always healthy and fresh skin. As we get old, skin rejuvenation begins to slow and at a certain age, the skin wrinkles and fine lines to show. The skin develops dark spots due to decreased production of collagen.

To make your skin firm, fresh and young, it is likely that the advice of cosmetics guru several years. Several companies are entitled to the best skin care anti-aging organic. It is important to know what you can do on their own, organically, to protect your skin and help maintain your youthful appearance.

Sun and Skin.
The sun has many adverse effects on the skin, especially premature aging. 
Part of any skin care anti-aging organic must be protected against harmful rays. What's the skinny on the effects of solar surface on the skin?

To protect your skin from the sun, the best organic skin care anti-aging the use of at least SPF 15 to protect.

• Use environmentally friendly cleaning products and keep the water at room temperature.
• If your skin is dry, keep it short washing time.
• Pat the skin dry, do not rub. Abrasion can irritate the skin.
• Use a moisturizing organic skin after washing with water.

During the day, alkalis nutrients to the skin. With sweat, contact Sun and cleaning of the skin, are the important vitamins from the body through the skin removed. Replacing them is essential for the best anti-aging process of bio skin care.
What vitamins can affect your skin? As part of the best organic anti-aging skin care, skin needs to be enhanced with vitamins and nutrients. Stay away from the sun and protect the skin against harmful Days.

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