Sex - Important for Health !

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Sex - Important for Health !
Sex is a natural part of life and is not only fun, but is also healthy. Doctors recommend a weekly frequency of intercourse of about three to four times. This recommendation is now widely accepted.

- Sex without a partner is possible
Who has no partner, to forego the healthy effects of sex, but by no means, as well as the self-indulgence certainly showing a health benefit. Totally doubt remains, however, that sex creates a beloved partner / in a much higher degree of satisfaction.
- Sexual fantasies
Already sexual fantasies, as they are generated when a beautiful woman standing in the brain of the man show, effect, since they stimulate the reward system of the man. A special magnetic resonance imaging was able to demonstrate that the nucleus accumbens has a higher activity when the man sees him as a sexually stimulating woman appears.
Every man has repeatedly had the experience that he experiences a pleasant feeling, he intensely when looking at a beautiful woman. The conversation with a woman also leads to increased production of the neurotransmitter LH (luteinizing hormone) in the brain, as one was about the same time at the University of Chicago study done.
- Sex increases the attractiveness
This hormone enters immediately into the testes, where it stimulates the Leydig cells to an increased production of male sex hormones. This male sex hormones called androgens than have a relevant side effect of health, because they stimulate the breakdown of fat in men.
Also produce less leptin, the fat cells, this enzyme stimulates the appetite for food. To enable regular sexual stimulant in men leads to a reduction in weight and this to an increase in their sexual attractiveness. The studies have also shown that the mere appearance of a man for not sexually attractive woman does not lead to changes in brain waves.
- Sex and muscles
The hormone testosterone is produced in the testes in men and is critically involved in the formation of muscles. The production of this hormone in the body fluctuate either during the day and the other, may be increased by sexual stimulants. Sex thus provides a good opportunity to promote without any side effects muscle growth. This effect occurs not only during sexual intercourse, but even with a flirt, because these sexual images produced in the brain of the man.
If the flirting leads to an erection, which is quite desirable, since any erection brings fresh blood into the corpora cavernosa. Frequent stiffening of the penis also improves erectile function, because it acts like training.
- Kissing
Even the kissing promotes health because of this additional saliva produced is rich in immunoglobulins of the A type. These are defenses of the immune system, which will have a particularly intense effect against caries bacteria.
They also support the fight against all other pathogens. In addition saliva contains several minerals, especially those built of phosphorus and calcium to tooth enamel. The increased saliva production continues even long after the kiss. Thus, it is indeed true that kissing leads to beautiful teeth.
- Leave time during sex
When it comes to intense kissing and a gentle prelude to the physical union, a rapid resolution of the man is to be avoided. First, it prepares annoyance and not a few women on the other is a longer-lasting sex for men's health preferred.
At least twenty minutes about a lasting love match the production of the neurotransmitter dopamine is stimulated significantly and sustainably. Dopamine causes an intense and prolonged stress and endorphins are also released.
The release of endorphins also increases with duration of sexual activity. This is an opium-like substance, which not only leads to a feeling of happiness, but also forget pain do, being especially intense against headache and joint pain are able to work.
It is understandable that migraine reduces the desire for sex, the knowledge that sexual activity may act more effectively than any painkillers for the headaches, but it may possibly awaken again.
- The prostate
The semen of the male is produced at about 30% in the prostate. Upon reaching the height of the wall muscle pulls himself together and the prostate gland that pumps the nutrient-rich semen into the urethra.
If the man from an inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis), suffers every ejaculation can further facilitate the flushing of infectious organisms from the lower urinary and sperm paths. Thus each ejaculation is the cleaning of the prostate gland.
Thus, the washed out germs can not penetrate into the vagina of the woman, with a corresponding infection diseases, the use of condoms is displayed. But the absence of condoms is recommended especially in terms of health, provided that no infection present on the prostate or urethra, and no other sexually transmitted disease. The sperm contains namely psychotropic substances that enhance the feeling of happiness with the woman and have also felt for vaginal absorption. If the sperm was added in other ways, it exerts its effect in the central nervous system as well.
- Improvement of sleep

After husband and wife have slept together, especially the latter shows a strong tendency to fall asleep fast. The reason for this is the hormone oxytocin, which is a natural and intense sleeping pills. It allows most men, preferably two to three minutes after sex into a deep sleep to fall.
For most women, however, comes the need to intensify the sexual union in the vicinity experienced during the subsequent cuddle. Pairs with mutual understanding certainly be able to find an optimal solution for these apparently different needs.

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