Know More About Anti Aging Foods.

Posted by Wawan on Monday, December 19, 2011

Know More About Anti Aging Foods.

Anti-aging is the most talked about beauty circles, and it is not surprising that most people "good foods" that help to slow the process. But knowing is not enough. In fact, the integration of "eating" that make in your diet, the benefits observed. The first signs of aging are visible when the skin begins to fine lines, wrinkles or imperfections show. Non-specific anti-aging foods can contribute to the fight against the demon of age, but only the installation and balance of foods in your daily routine, which is a little delayed. Although it is impossible to completely stop the aging process, it is possible to slow the process. skin firm, smooth and clear for a long time here is a brief explanation of the anti-aging foods good for your skin:

Fruits: All colors and how the flavors and smells amazing. They are full of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to the skin, eyes, bones and the immune system to protect.

Vegetables and salads : broccoli salad with dark leaves and tender green, which are powerful antioxidants, with lots of vitamins and minerals. The best insurance against heart disease and a major boost to the immune system. It can even help prevent cancer.

Beans, peas, beans and lentils: A perfect balance of protein and complex carbohydrates with fiber vitamins, cholesterol and B, zinc, magnesium and iron reduces the load.

Nuts and seeds: Omega-3 oils and omega-6 Fabulous to protect the heart and improved immunity. Good for the skin too! If you do not like eating fish, nuts and seeds instead.

Whole grains: brown rice, pasta and bread, rye and oats are delicious and loaded with fiber. Who wants to eat fluffy white bread, if you can have a crusty bread with seeds on top?

Good fats and oils: olive oil and cold-pressed oils provide important antioxidant protection.

Fish: All fish, but especially fatty nature are perfect anti-aging food. Salmon, sardines, tuna and herring are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Essential fatty acids strengthen the immune system and is often referred to as brain food!

Lean meats: chicken, turkey and play are essential proteins for the repair of full fat cells.

Cheese and milk: are proteins with a higher content of fat and should be kept to a minimum. Plain yogurt is a good choice.
Is it time to change the way we think about food?

We can not stay young forever, but we can not 70 the new 50 and enjoying every minute of healthy living and active! Do not wait too long. Start your anti-aging to eat today and feel more active and attractive than ever. Maintaining a healthy weight, increase your energy and invest in your health!

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