Signs Of Depression In Men

Posted by Wawan on Friday, December 2, 2011

Depression? yes, one of the diseases that we often hear from many men. depressionusually occurs because of too much thinking or stress. identify symptoms such as Feeling restless, Problems with sleeping, Feeling angry, can not control emotions, Using alcohol ordrugs to feel better, easy to negative thinking, Sexual inability, hard to focus with everything.
there are 3 signs most common in Depression in Men :

1.Risk Taking
Sometimes depressed men will start taking risks like dangerous sports,reckless driving, and casual sex,drive recklessly, engage in casual sexual contact or one night stands, or gamble heaps of money.

2. Anger
Anger can show itself in different ways like road rage, having a short temper, being easily upset by criticism, and even violence,They tend to show they can triumph over this state by being aggressive and putting up the feeling of depression at the rear of anger. Reckless acts and violent behaviors like beating his spouse or children, wrecking a property, thrashing traffic rules, etc may happen.

3. Pain
Depression may show up as physical signs like constant headaches, stomach problems, or pain that doesn’t seem to be from other causes or that doesn’t respond to normal treatments.The most common way as to how depression can exit one’s shell is through signs and symptoms of pain—migraines, muscle pains unrelieved by medications and similar occurrences may be signs of depression in men.

Above is a little understanding and symptoms of Signs Of Depression In Men
identify these symptoms, avoid too much thinking and working too hard.
and do not forget to keep always Positive Thinking.

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