Cell Phones and Brain Cancer: Is There a Link?

Posted by Wawan on Friday, December 9, 2011

With the recent announcement by the WHO (World Health Organization) on the potential dangers of cell phone radiation, we are all naturally interested, especially those of us who regularly use mobile phones and / or have children with cell phones. What is true, we wonder, in terms of use, the type of mobile phone and exposure? Some phones are safer than others, and there are ways in which hazards can be obtained by changing our usage limit?

Even if the answers are still there are things we can do to protect ourselves, we can. These tips from a variety of sources, including the brain of a researcher who has returned brain tumors (Dr. David Servan-Schreiber - if you have not read his book, cancer, a new way of life go ahead, is excellent! Read all prevent cancer or filed against the health problems of cancer). At the same time, everyone is afraid of cancer, but somehow in denial we've ever played personally. It is clearly time to look at cancer rates in the Western Wall in the last decade and personally take many steps to protect our health.

When it comes to this health problem, we are all exposed to radiation in varying degrees, are also those of us who do not have a cell phone. In North America, unless you live in the desert at a distance and are completely out of the network is likely to be affected, but from the cellular towers and signaling the transition to the air. Experts tell us that mobile phones have similar risks, and so that other studies have concluded that the alarming statistics are always available. However, mobile phones and smart phones are here to stay, so let's do what we can to that reality.

On the one hand, the mobile phone manufacturers now offer a degree of protection on their phones because consumers are more aware and concerned. Ask your provider about your specific phone and be sure to check the rating of any phone you buy. More tips for using a headset instead of putting the phone to your ear while talking bear, and put the phone away from her, until someone responds, according to experts, the signal is stronger when the phone rings before connecting. The signal is strongest when it is in the cell phone towers, so if the connection is bad hang up and try later when safe. Children and adolescents with brain development, limiting cell phone use, and if there is anything to promote SMS across space (I never thought someone said?).

Shauna wrote safety of mobile phones of students on its website. You can also find more information on brain health in their health and site of the vitamin. Take your health seriously and enter their own health, you may be able to live the best life and vitality to achieve your dreams!

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